World Food Day: 9 Tips To Avoid Food Waste

October 16, 2022 was World Food Day and it is a perfect opportunity for Manana to revisit and share its values ​​and reflect on this vital theme as it is  celebrated worldwide.

Inspired by our mother’s insistence on eating healthy every day, this year’s theme on Word Food Day 2022 resonates soundly with Manana Foods.

The themes for food day 2022 are Climate Change, Food Inflation, and The impact of Covid on Food Production & Consumption; these themes are significant in our world today and are intertwined with Manana’s vision to provide healthy and affordable meals for customers, which not only reduce the time and hassle to source ingredients from the market that could be wasted due to no time for cooking.

For this reason, we must commit ourselves to limit our impact on the planet as regards our food choices. Today, over 3 billion people (about 40% of the world’s population) cannot afford a nutritious diet. In light of these numbers, we want to give you some simple tips to avoid waste, at least at home: food waste is a problem that affects the production chain and our daily life!


Before going shopping, check in the Fridge and the store which foods you already have available and which ones you need to buy; this will help you create a checklist of what to buy when you want to restock.


Schedule meals to be prepared during the week and buy the right amount of food; you can do this by having a food timetable or using a service like Manana Foods where you can order one week of meals ahead of time.

This would help save you the stress, time and energy invested in thinking of what food to eat each time.  


At home, store fresh foods correctly, placing them on the right shelves of the Fridge.


Watch out for deadlines. By placing older foods in the front row of your Fridge and pantry, as well as arranging the newly purchased ones behind, doing this systematically, you avoid food wastage.


Freeze extra food: This doesn’t stop you from ordering your favorite dish or soup in bulk at Manana Foods, the freshness of your food is still retained and good as new when you freeze, in addition to meat and fish, you can also freeze vegetables, both raw and cooked, and fruit washed and cut into small pieces.


Reuse leftovers to create new recipes; you can reuse your leftover meals to develop new recipes during your free time or on a weekend. Example: your leftover stew ordered from Manana can be used to prepare a quick Jollof pasta, rice or yam porridge.


At the table, don’t overdo the portions; Serve yourself the portion you can finish at a go; you are the one in control and not your stomach – Don’t let your stomach deceive you! it is best to serve in bits to avoid wastage.


If you find that you cannot consume expirable food, donate it to those you know will be able to use it promptly or to the food bank collection sites.


To eat healthily and get tasty dishes in the comfort of your home in a short time, we just need to take action. And when is the best time to start eating healthy?

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Happy World Food Day!

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